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Flip-top cap with its easy one-hand opening is one of the best solutions to beauty consumers. By extending this structure, GCC PKG has added flip caps to a tube and a bottle that combines practicability and functionality to existing stock products. Both of the products introduced today are suitable for powder concealers/highlighters with liquid correctors or foundations, or even blush cream/lip color with face primer.



Tube- GCTAT010

Cylindrical Ø30 tube with a flip-top design on the cap is ideal for containing solid and liquid formulations in one packaging, gel and fluid cream in the tube plus powder or creamy formula in the cap. The material of tube from high density to low density of PE is good for adapting foundation or other sensitive formulas.


Recommended combinations:

Lip color + lip gloss

Blush + foundation

Blush + highlighter

Item: GCTAT010

Size: Width: Ø30/ Length: 75-120mm

Capacity: 30-60ml

Material: Cap: PP/Tube: LDPE/MDPE/HDPE


Bottle- GCNPF055

As a 2-in-1 container assembled of a bottle and a flip-top cap, this innovative packaging enables both creamy concealer and fluid formulation accommodated in the same case. The special arc-shaped spatula applicator comes with the bottle dispensing the appropriate amount for each usage.

Item: GCNPF055

Material: Cap: AS+ABS; Bottle: PETG

Size: 32.8*114.2mm

Capacity: 39ml

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