Lip Vibrant

In color cosmetics, lip segment is experiencing its vibrant growth, from the shape of the package, the material it is involved, as well as the excellence of applicators.


One hot trend for lip product is to display shades through heavy walled packaging.

GCQPL047 is a new design made by IBM(Injection blow molding). With its thick wall and rounded soft edges, formulations packed inside look superb and alluring.


GCJRCL083 is another thick-walled package made by SAN. The triangular base with extraordinary thick walls makes the package looking luxurious like glass.




Item: GCQPL047

Size: 16.5*25.05*106.95mm


Cap: ABS+AS / Vial: PETG



Item: GCJRCL083

Size: 25*116mm


Cap: ABS / Vial: AS



A series of PETG vials with thick-walled feature


Item: GCCDL006
Size: Ø16.5*55mm


Item: GCCDL007
Size: Ø16.5*73mm


Item: GCCDL008
Size: Ø16.5*84mm


Item: GCCDL009
Size: Ø16.5*100mm


Item: GCCDL010
Size: Ø16.5*112.5mm


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